Building Connections: The Chess Saga

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“Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation.”Max Euwe

Ever since our summer chess program, Connect with Chess, people have been asking us for more! And why wouldn’t they? Playing chess has all kinds of benefits for your child’s development.

That is why were are excited to share with everyone the new opportunities at our center for getting your child (or yourself!) on the right track to becoming the next Grandmaster.

Memphis Chess Club

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The Connection Tutoring Center now officially hosts the Memphis Chess Club every Wednesday night starting at 7:15 pm! Players are encouraged to bring their own chess sets and and clocks to tournaments.

The club was founded on June 09, 1877 by Dr. D. D. Saunders and Edward L. Topp.* You can learn more about the rich history of the club here. I also recommend reading this interesting article about their rival group, the Pillsbury Rebels, written by the club’s historian, Dwight Weaver.

*Other notable founding members include Jacob J. Peres, Thos. T. Pritchitt, Minter Parker, Adolph Reis, and Hugh T. Pettit

Visitors are welcome at no charge; weekday and weekend club tournaments charge a small fee, which is discounted for club members. Club membership costs only $30 annually per adult (the cost for anyone under 19 is $20, and family memberships are only $50!). You will also need to fill out this application for approval.

The Memphis Chess Club also hosts free lectures on the 1st Wednesday of every month. The lessons cover intermediate chess tactics and maneuvers, so there is something for everyone to learn!

For more information or to join the club, please visit their website or join the Facebook group.

King of Chess

We are excited to finally announce that we offer private chess tutoring!

Alex King grew up in Nashville, TN. It was here that his love of chess was sparked by his middle school chess club. It didn’t take long for Alex to move up the ranks, and by the end of 8th grade, he was already tutoring his peers.

Alex became a full-time chess tutor not long after graduating from University of Southern California with a degree in Music, a subject which he often compares to chess. “They are both languages that kind of exist in their own dimension,” he said during our interview. He feels that they express things our spoken language simply can’t.

King is a National Master of chess and a two-time Tennessee State Champion. Several of his students have won individual and team national championships for their age group. Among the many cities he has worked as a chess instructor include Los Angeles, New York City, and various cities throughout Tennessee and Mississippi, until he finally settled down in Memphis.

Since then, he has been an active member of the Memphis Chess Club and recently became the Vice President. Moving forward, he hopes the club can become more diversified and incorporate elements that cater more to children.

Teaching younger children chess is definitely a passion of Alex’s. His favorite part of the experience is when he has helped the child become motivated enough that they start independently studying chess and tactics on their own. He loves it when his students bring in questions or other items of discovery to their sessions.

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