The Connection offers year-round small-group and private tutoring to K-12, college, and adult learners.

During the school year, tutoring sessions with The Connection balance homework help with prescriptive curriculum. To help your student keep pace with schoolwork, we guide students through problem solving and reinforce what is taught in the classroom.  To target and close learning gaps, we use comprehensive diagnostic tests, standard-aligned prescriptive curriculum, and mastery checks to monitor progress.  For students seeking additional challenges outside classroom instruction, The Connection provides them the opportunity to dive deeper into conceptual relationships or learn new material.

During the summer, we diagnose and remediate student’s conceptual gaps and offer summer camps in STEM, computer programming, literature, and chess.

In addition to academic tutoring, The Connection provides high-quality standardized test prep for college entrance exams (ACT, SAT, PSAT), Optional Program testing, GRE, and more, by teaching content knowledge alongside key test-taking strategies.

Our standards-aligned, grade level prescriptive curriculum allows us to target and remediate students’ learning gaps and misconceptions.
Our experienced instructors will guide students through problem solving and academic organization. While instructors may expose students to multiple methods of solving problems, we ultimately strive to parallel the work teachers already do in the classroom to encourage consistency in students’ education.
By addressing students’ gaps in content knowledge and using effective test-taking strategies, our instructors build students’ aptitude and confidence on standardized tests.

On average, students who participated in formal ACT tutoring plans saw a growth of 3 points in their Composite score, Science section, and English section; 2.5 points in Math; and 1 point in Reading.  Start studying with us today!

Nearly one in five college freshmen must enroll in remedial courses their first year1 –a costly and frustrating process. Get a head start by mastering concepts for placement exams to propel you towards a successful college career.
On average, students lose one month’s worth of content knowledge over summer vacation.  Use the summer to address your student’s learning gaps and give them a head start for the upcoming school year!

Our summer programs feature Back to School Prep instructional sessions for K-12 students and Enrichment Activity classes for K-8 students.

At The Connection, we honor that students learn in multiple ways and at different rates with individualized learning plans.

During the school year, we combine four major data sources – school data, diagnostic test results, observational data, and teacher conference – to develop a Comprehensive Learning Plan to achieve goals established by both the family and The Connection.  The Comprehensive Learning Plan is available to all members upon request.  

In the summer, we use a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to identify concepts students still need to master and develop a personalized Summer Learning Plan based upon family goals and schedule.  The Summer Learning Plan is automatically available to all members and Back to School Prep participants. 

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